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VAT Margin Configuration

A VAT margin is a tax charged on the profit earned by selling a product. VAT Margin settings are available for the United Kingdom (UK) customer base.

Once you have logged in to your RepairDesk account follow the given path and steps for VAT configuration:

Path: Settings> Store > Tax Configuration > VAT Margin

  1. Click on the toggle available in the first line of the VAT Margin screen. This will enable VAT for your store.

  2. In the name textbox, you can add the name you have chosen for your VAT tax class. Enter the tax rate in the textbox for the VAT tax rate.

  3. Scroll down to access a list of product categories with checkboxes against them. Check the checkbox for every category you want VAT to apply to.

  4. Clicking on a checkbox opens a dialogue box asking you if you want to apply VAT on the existing items or enable it only for new items to fall in the category. Select the option you like.

Once done, click on the Save button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

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