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Applying category filter on point of sale and create new product on the go to sell.

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Explore our Category Builder module to categorize your product catalog.

The category filter on a point of sale allows you to sort products based on the selection of specific categories. This process will allow you to quickly narrow down options to filter specific products.

The pin to top option refers to the ability to prioritize and display a specific product at the top of the screen.

You can also create a new product or a special item on the go from point of sale.

How to checkout Ticket items from POS?

  1. Head over to the "Tickets" tab on POS and search for the ticket by specifying the ticket ID, first name

  2. Then click on the desired ticket from the results and select the ticket items you want to add to the cart.

  3. Click on the "Add Cart" button the selected item will be populated in the cart.

  4. Now click on check out to accept payment from your customer.

    Important: You can only add tickets items related to selected customer in the pos cart.

Note: You can also set up the Customer Facing Display to take signature from your customer on checkout.

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