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Create Workflows

You can create different workflows based on your store operation and workflow needs. This option can be assigned to each ticket under the Created on tab in the ticket’s utility bar.

There is an option to mark the workflow as default. The default workflow will be pre selected in the ticket view. You can only edit the name of the default workflow.

On selection of create workflow, an untitled workflow will be created in the workflow. You can setup and edit the created workflow according to your operational needs.

You can enable estimate workflow for tickets option for each workflow to view the Add to Estimate in the ticket view.

Note: You can select or change the ticket type before saving the ticket.
You can't delete workflow associated with a single ticket from the listing.

Asset Status

There are five types of asset statuses/types that can be seen under each workflow. You can mark any asset status as default status under each created workflow.

Note: You can edit name for each asset status other than Cancelled status

Task Status

You can create these statuses against each asset status type to assign them to the task/services/non-stocked items.

Option to mark the status as default under each workflow will automatically assign status to the task whenever you add it in the ticket based on workflow selection.

Note: Task statuses marked as default cannot be deleted but you can edit their name.

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