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How to save a ticket and discard changes?
How to save a ticket and discard changes?
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Saving a ticket is important to ensure that all the details are synced. You need to save the ticket after each edit in the ticket. Discard changes can be done if the entered data to the ticket isn’t important to be saved.

Open the ticket and navigate to the ticket you want to save.

Review the ticket details to ensure that all the information is correct and complete.

If necessary, make any changes or updates to the ticket.

Click on the "Save" button to sync the ticket changes

Or you can select the “Discard changes” button to not sync the changes.

Private & diagnostic notes, uploaded images/documents, captured images from web camera will be saved automatically without selecting the “save button”.

Next Steps:

By selecting the “Submit Ticket” button, it will ensure that your ticket is created & no longer in the draft mode.

The “Add to Cart” button will make the swift transition with the selected items to the Point of sale screen and tickets items are ready to be linked to an invoice after the checkout process.

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