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Bulk Edit Framework
Bulk Edit Framework
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The bulk edit framework is a powerful tool that can help you to perform action to your tickets quickly from the ticket listing. By following the steps explained below, you can save time when dealing with large volumes of tickets.

  1. On the ticket listing, you can select the tickets to replace asset assignee by checking the boxes next to each ticket.

  2. Once the desired tickets have been selected, users can then click on the "Edit" option from the actions dropdown on the top right corner of the listing to access the bulk edit framework.

  3. This will bring up a popup with options to modify multiple tickets at once with Asset Assignee option, you will need to select the employee from the "Value" option.

  4. Once the employee has been selected, you can then click on the "Update Ticket" button to update asset assignee in the selected tickets.

    This will update the selected tickets with the new asset assignee.

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