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How to charge a Deposit / Bench Fee?
How to charge a Deposit / Bench Fee?

You can charge a deposit / bench fee from customers to make sure that they commit to the repair job.

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Abandoned repairs pose a common challenge for many repair businesses, resulting in a perpetual build-up of customer items left behind and neglected. Repair Desk’s deposit feature allows you to charge a deposit/bench fee that encourages customers to commit to the repair process and not leave devices behind. This advance payment can be customized to your preferences and easily added to the customer's bill.

When customers are asked to pay a fee upfront, they are more likely to be invested in the process and follow through with the repair. This can help to reduce the number of customers who bring in equipment for evaluation, only to decide not to proceed with the repair. The bench/deposit fee is usually charged per item that is brought in for repair. The amount of the bench fee can vary depending on the type of equipment being repaired and the complexity of the problem.

Learn how to charge a deposit/bench fee:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - Why should I charge a deposit fee from customers?

1. To cover special part orders or time spent in diagnosis.

2. Helps manage operational costs.

3. Encourages commitment from customers.

4. Ensures transparency and communication.

Q: When should I charge a deposit/bench fee?

A deposit / bench fee can be charged at the time of the check-in. You can inspect the device, fill in the pre-repair conditions and ask the customer to come through with the deposit by generating a ticket before you begin working on the repair job.

Q: Do I need to charge multiple deposits/bench fees from the same customer?

Deposit / Bench fee is charged per item therefore if a customer brings in two different items to be repaired, they may be charged two separate bench fees. You can add multiple devices in one ticket or create individual tickets for each device and charge them the deposits accordingly.

Q: Should the Deposit / Bench fee be waived if the repair is successful?

The Deposit fee is usually waived once a repair job is successfully. The corresponding amount is adjusted by the shop owner in the invoice issued to the customer.

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