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Here are some answers to common questions you may have while setting up the items module.

How can add a Buyback / Trade-in item?

You can purchase a pre-owned device from a merchant or your customer and add it to your stocked item easily by creating a Purchase Order.

Path: Items > Supply Chain > Purchase Order

Can I import the items catalog from my existing POS?

Yes, head over to Item> Products > Import/Export > Import Products to import the items. (See more information here)

How can I quickly add physical inventory to RepairDesk?

Repair Desk has got you covered with its latest feature of importing items through scanning. Just scan the SKU of the product and if it's from one of our partner vendors, we will be fetching all the details ourselves so you do not have to do that and can allocate your focus and attention towards your work. (See more information here)

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