RepairDesk Home Screen
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With the RepairDesk home screen stay on top of your bussiness by having all your actions in one place.

  1. By clicking create a ticket you can book a repair job (Learn more about ticket creation here)

  2. By clicking "Point of Sale" you can Sell Products & accept Payment

  3. By clicking on "Warranty Claim" you can access the ticket to process the warranty (Learn more about warranty claim here)

  4. By clicking on Issue Refund you can process a refund against paid and nonrefunded invoices (Learn more about issue refund here)

  5. On the right side of the home screen you can view open tickets that are due today and you can also view weekly profit at a quick glance.

  6. When the cash register has not started the screen will look as given below, start the cash register to access the point of sale.

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