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Profile setup allows you to add, delete and edit details about your profile. You can add your generic information including your name, address, contact number, and email address, etc. You can introduce a password and activate two-factor authentication to ensure security and check the RepairDesk package details you signed up for.

1. Profile Setup
2. Update the Password
3. Enable 2FA
4. Usage & Billing

Profile Setup

To start profile setup, log into your store on RepairDesk. Follow the following path to open a basic profile configuration.

Path: Store Settings > Profile > General

This section is further divided into three sub-sections including Basic Information, Update Password, and Security. We will walk you through every section one by one.

Basic Information

  • You can click on the image box on the left side of the screen. It will open the local computer folder for you to select a profile picture. Double-click the picture to add it as your profile picture.

  • Enter your desired user name in the Name field. You can enter an access pin in the designated textbox for security.

  • The user can also add personal address, mobile number, phone number, and email address in the assigned textboxes. Click on the Save button in the right bottom corner to save your settings.

Update Password

  • To change the current password, the user has to enter the existing password in the Old Password textbox.

  • He can enter the updated password in the textbox for Password and reconfirm the password in the Confirm Password textbox.


This section contains only one toggle designed to enable/disable two-factor authentication. To enable 2FA authentication, the user has to turn on the toggle. Once the toggle turns green, the user is secured with 2FA and will receive a verification code on provided email address while logging in. It is turned off when red.

Usage and Billing

This section allows the user to sign-up for one of the three packages offered by RepairDesk. Every package has its complete details mentioned to make it easier for the user to choose. The user can decide on a package of his choice.

Here is the path that the user has to follow to access Usage and Billing settings:

Path: \Store Settings > Profile > Usage and Billing

Follow these steps to proceed: - The user can click on the package he desires and click the Continue button at the bottom right of the screen.

  • The new page opened will show billing cycles on the left side of the screen. Given billing cycles include monthly, 3 months, 6 months and yearly cycles. The user can click on any desired cycle.

  • The billing summary can be accessed from the right side of the screen. The title on the top shows the name of the selected cycle with its details beneath.

  • The user can increase the number of employee accounts. Every new employee account costs $5.

  • If a user has a coupon code, it can be entered in the textbox for Coupon Code. Click on Apply button to activate the code.

  • Under the total billing, two checkboxes are given for signing up for RepairDesk Onboarding and Terms and Conditions. The user can always sign up for onboarding sessions. These sessions help the user to get a good grip over the RepairDesk software.

  • Once you are done with your choice of the billing cycle, click on the Pay Now button at the bottom of the screen.

  • A new screen will open asking you to enter your email address, card information, name on card, and country. You can save your banking details for later by checking the checkbox given at the bottom of the screen. Click on Subscribe button to pay.

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