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Managing finance in a repair shop can be a tricky task at times. Hence, RepairDesk brings you the easiest way to streamline all the finance and invoice related processes. The section can be divided into general and printing settings.

General Setup

You can change the general settings related to finance in a few simple steps. You need to follow the path and the steps given below.

Path: Settings > Module Configurations > Finance & Invoices > General

  1. To make the customer information mandatory for finance, turn on the first toggle.

  2. Turning on the second toggle will stop the user from editing an invoice once created.

  3. The third toggle can be turned on to avoid deletion of an invoice.

  4. Invoice due date can be set from the dropdown given at the end.

Printing Settings

There is a separate section to deal with the settings related to the printing of the invoices. The path and the process to work with invoice printing is below:

Path: Settings > Module Configurations > Finance & Invoices > Printing

  1. You can add a logo you would want to be printed on the invoice from the image field.

  2. Enter some content for the invoice title, footer, slogan, and Facebook URL in the designated text boxes.

  3. You can find toggles for printing pre-repair conditions, post-repair conditions, customer's signature, due date for the payment, employee name and transaction reference or cheque number .

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