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Sometimes a repair shop deals with huge clients like different firms as well. These firms have 100s of employees who need repair services every now and then. In such situations, repair shop owners don’t charge the individual walking in with a device to fix it. Instead, the firm of the customer is charged for the repair.

RepairDesk enables you to implement this scenario in your repair shop as well. You can do this in just one simple step and the firm is charged for repairs if their employees walk in for a service.

Enable Third-Party Billing

There are two ways to enable third-party billing. You can either enable it while you are making a new customer group or you can edit an existing group to enable third-party billing.

Third-Party Billing while Adding New Group

To enable third-party billing while creating a new customer group, follow the path and steps given below:

Path: \Customers > Customer Groups

  1. Press the Add Customer Group button to open the screen asking for details for the new group.

  2. Once you are done with adding other details, click on Enable Third Party Billing toggle.

  3. It will turn green and open new fields for you to fill in.

  4. Provide a name, email id, and cell number to send invoices to for the customers in the group.

  5. Clicking on the Add More Information will allow you to enter details like country, state, and city, etc.

  6. Click on the Save button at the end of the screen once you are done.

Third-Party Billing via Edit Option

To enable third party billing against a customer group, follow the path and steps given below:

Path: Customers > Customer Groups

  1. If you want to enable third-party billing for a group that already exists, click on the pen icon against it to start editing.

  2. Head to the only toggle present on the screen. It reads Enable Third Party Billing.

  3. Click on the toggle and turn it green. You will see some new fields opening underneath.

  4. Enter the name, email id, and cell number of the person invoice will be sent to.

  5. Click on the Add More Information to open a dropdown to add additional information including country, state, and city, etc.

Manage your customers at a business level without having to do extra steps to share invoices of the services provided. We wish you more luck! ✌️

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