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View & Edit Customers
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Adding customers to your database is not the only thing you would want to do. We understand you would want to view their details and probably, change them as well. To help you in these situations, RepairDesk offers you to view and edit customers’ details in a few clicks. Firstly, follow the path given:

Path: Customers > All Customers

  • Identify the customer whose details you would like to edit. Either click on the customer name or the Pen and Pencil icon present in the action column.

  • This will open all details of the customer for you. You can view the payments received by the customer, the amount to be paid to the customer, and the number of invoices, tickets, and trade-ins.

  • You can click on the Tickets, Invoices, and Special Ordered Items tabs on the top to view respective details.

  • The details of the customer can always be accessed at the left side of the screen. Clicking on each text box will allow you to change details.

  • Once you have made all the desired changes, scroll at the end of the screen and click the Update button to save changes.

Fun Fact:

You can add internal notes or notify clients with notes. To do so, you have to open a client’s details and click on the Add Activity button present on the right top section of the screen. It will open a text field for you to enter notes. Once done, click the Post button and your notes will be saved.

Now, you can tackle all customer updates by viewing and editing them within a few clicks. It will save you time and make your daily processes way easier. ⌛

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