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GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation is a legal framework of the EU legislation intended to standardize data regulation across Europe while providing greater protection and control over data to the consumer. The GDPR aims primarily to give control to citizens over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU.

As we are a SAAS base business so it's our responsibility to make sure that you and your customers are in compliance with GDPR.


The GDPR feature is currently only available for the countries that come under the jurisdiction of the European Union. If your store is not located in an EU country, you would not be able to set up specifically for GDPR.

A store operating in the EU can set their GDPR specific terms and conditions or their privacy policy by going to store settings and terms and conditions. You can add your GDPR privacy policy under the GDPR heading.

Your customers should know how their data is being used and whether they consent to that usage or not. A guide to writing a good GDPR policy can be accessed by the following link.

Customer Management

A Shop owner will have the access to mark a customer compliant everywhere a customer is created. If you are creating a customer from the POS, Invoice, Manage Customers, etc. you would always have the ability to mark them GDPR compliant or not. Moreover, if a customer is filling out their own information, they can mark their consent on the appointment module as well. The consent to GDPR will be marked no as default so the customer has complete control over their decision. You can follow this article for adding the customer into the system.

Customer Segmentation

To make it easier for the Shop owner to distinguish between the customer data, we allow the shop owner to see which one of their customers is compliant and which one of them is not.

Using filters, you can filter out the between non GDPR and GDPR compliant customers. You can then export the data for customers who are GDPR compliant; if you want to use their data according to what the customer has consented for.

Ability to Forget

Every customer needs to have control over their data, for that reason we have included the new forget button in manage customers. This would enable you to forget sensitive customer details other than their first name and last name. Whereas if you delete the customer entirely, their first and last name would be deleted as well.

Following are the section through which customer can be created:

  1. POS

  2. Appointment Leads

  3. Customer Module

  4. Ticket

  5. Customer Facing Display

  6. Invoice

While adding a customer, provide all the information, after adding all the information ask customer either they want to be compliance with GDPR. If yes, select yes option from dropdown.

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