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It is quite normal for repair shops to run out of products, repair parts or they need a special repair part for a repair. At such instances, they place order. Now, imagine you have to place a dozen orders for every day in a week. How many calls would you make or websites you would visit to place these orders? How will you keep track of all these orders you placed over the emails or phone calls?

With RepairDesk, you don't have to worry about making a purchase order or managing a list of previously made purchase orders. Our Purchase Order module has been equipped with the best features to make the process of ordering products easier, faster and smoother than ever! Here is the path for you to access this module:

Path: Items > Manage Supply Chain > Purchase Orders

Add a Purchase Order

Once you have opened the path above, here are the steps you can take to create a purchase order:

  1. Click on the Add Purchase Order to create a purchase order for accessories and parts you want to order.

  2. Select Supplier, Shipping Details, Destination, along with Order Date and Delivery Date.

  3. Purchase Order ID will be generated automatically by the system and is editable while the purchase order is being created.

  4. Select Items from inventory by name or the SKU and select Quantity.

  5. Click on the +Add New Item button at the bottom to add a new item in the same purchase order.

  6. You can also click on the field of Additional Fee in the section of amount to be charged placed at the bottom right corner. Clicking will enable you to add additional fee in it. If you want to charge an additional fee, you can add here.

  7. Finally, click on Save to create the Purchase Order.

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