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A purchase bill is created whenever a purchase order is made. You can pay the whole bill at once or can pay it partially as well. RepairDesk has made a separate section for you to add and manage purchase bills. You can access all the bills by following the link below:

Path: Items > Supply Chain > Purchase Bills

  1. Once the listing of the purchase bills has opened, you can choose any purchase bill you want to view or edit.

  2. If you want to view a purchase bill, click on its ID and it will open for you to view.

  3. You can click on the three dots button at the end of every bill's row. It will open a dropdown for you to help you export the bill as PDF, print it, or share it over an email.

  4. In case your purchase bill has some pending payment, open it in view. Click on the Add Payment button placed with the download icon.

  5. Select the method to pay from the methods presented on your screen.

  6. Enter the payment you want to add in the popup opened on your screen. Click on the Confirm button to add payment.

  7. You can also view the history of payments and history of the bill on the right side of the screen.

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