Create Product Variants
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You can create variants against the product as well where the attributes like size, color and network can be managed for that product.

To create the variants,

  1. **Enable Variants** after saving the product.

  2. Click on **Create Variants** to add attributes and values.

  3. After creating the variants, **add quantity** and pricing information ****against the variant.

  4. You can **delete** or **edit** the variant information from line actions.

  5. In order to**Change variant cost**, go to the Product tab and click on Change Unit Cost.

  6. After selecting the variants, you can update the **unit cost** and price.

  7. The variant quantity can be **increased** or **decreased** from here as well. The same process will be repeated just like for change unit cost.

  8. You can print the variants from global and line actions.

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