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As we already know that most of the repairs go beyond just a service. These repairs need parts to make the device as good as new. When you are digitizing your business, the software you choose must be good enough to let you manage all the repair parts as well. Lucky for you, RepairDesk allows you to take care of all the repair parts you need. You can add repair parts, vide them on the listing screen, edit and delete within a few clicks.

Create a Repair Part

Are you all set to add your first repair part in RepairDesk? If yes, let us show you how it is done. Follow the given path and the steps below to create a repair part in RepairDesk:

Path: Items > Manage Items > Repair Parts

  1. Click on the Add Item button on the top right corner of the screen and select Add Repair Parts from the given options.

  2. If you want to enter just the basic details you can do it from the pop up that will open or click on Additional Information button at the bottom of the pop up to add product information.

  3. In the General section, you can enter information like product name, description and add an image from the given text boxes.

  4. Select category, brand and model from the designated dropdowns.

  5. In the Stock section, you can enter details like the available quantity and minimum quantity in the designated text boxes.

  6. Coming towards the Pricing section, enter the unit cost in the given text box. You can set the price either via markup or set a fixed price from the given dropdown.

  7. In the Additional Info, add warranty, supplier, condition and SKU or UPC.

  8. Click on the Save button at the top right corner once you are done.

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