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RepairDesk believes in making lives of its customers more convenient than before. This belief has made us empower our customers to import everything from their old POS and other systems into RepairDesk. It saves them time, energy, and money. Moreover, the sooner they shift the data, the faster they can start settling in with their new POS. Here are some of the import options we provide.

Import Services

While the history of many repair shops start with us, we love to cater repair shops who come to us with the history of their own. These repair shops have services defined already and prefer to import those services rather than making them from scratch on RepairDesk. For such customers, we have introduced the option to import as many services as they like. If you are interested to know the steps to do so, we have a KB article written about it.

Import Customers

Customers are the biggest asset of any repair shop. Where loyal customers are praised, the value of the once in a blue moon customers is not less in any way. ReairDesk understanding the need for you to stay in touch with your customers allows you to import all the data of your customers into the RepairDesk shop without doing much. If you want to learn more about it, click here as we have a whole knowledgebase designed to help you.

Import Items/Products

It can be a huge hassle to transfer products or items from one POS or computer to a new POS. Just imagine you have hundreds of products. We understand that entering information of all hundreds of products one by one in your POS will not only take you ages but will make you tired all for nothing as well. RepairDesk offers the simplest solution to this messiest task. You can simply click a few buttons and have all of your products' data imported in RepairDesk. Do you want to learn more about it? Well, we have a complete knowledgebase waiting for you.

In case you are worried about not reading about repair parts here, let us assure you that RepairDesk has a separate module designed to take care of the repair parts used in your repair shop. You can import them as well within a few clicks. If you want to learn more, read through the KB written for it.

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