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If any user wants to set an email notification

  1. Click on settings

  2. Click on the email notification

  3. Once the email notification is open, default templates will be shown on the screen. You can set your actions based on your needs.

  4. You can apply filters and view the desired results

  5. If you want to create a new notification

  6. Click on the new notification

  7. Create a new event by selecting relevant fields like when a ticket is created send an email to admin and customer. You can also set a time if you want a delayed delivery.

  8. While creating a new notification you can create an event for persons, like in one go you can create it for admin, customer, and relevant employee.

  9. In the Actions section, choose whether you want to send an email or SMS from the Send dropdown.

  1. Once you add that click on submit and continue and then select template for email

  2. You can also send a test email.

  3. You can edit an existing notification by clicking on the three dots button next to it and selecting Edit from the dropdown.

  4. Moreover, you can cancel the scheduled email and SMS by selecting Cancel Scheduling. You can directly send an email to the customer by turning on the toggle designated for it.

  5. Select the add ticket pdf option for ticket created event with email action to send receipt as a pdf in the automated event.

  1. You can either create a new template or use existing templates.

  2. Once you select a template you can preview the email template and click save.

  3. Add Macros in the email or sms template to send the data from each module.

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