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The general setup allows you to add, delete and edit details about your business. You can add your generic information including business name, address, contact number, and email address, etc. You can activate two-factor authentication to ensure security.

General Store Setup

RepairDesk allows you to set your store on the software just the way you like it. The General Store Setup allows you to add basic information regarding your store, select time zone and currency, choose an accounting method and enable or disable 2-factor authentication. You can log in to your store on RepairDesk and follow the given path to open store settings.

Path: Store Settings > Store

This will open a new screen for you with multiple tabs on the left side. The tab for General will be opened by default. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • In the Basic Information section, click on the logo box to add your desired logo.

  • Move on to entering business name and alternative name in the designated textboxes.

  • Enter an email address, mobile number, phone number, and email address of your store in the given textboxes.

  • Next, add zip code, address, country, city, state, and fax for your store in textboxes assigned for each information.

  • Once done, click on the Save button at the bottom right of the section and proceed to the next section, which is Other Information.

  • In this section, select time zone, time format, default currency, and price format from the given dropdowns against each element.

  • Click on the fields present against Store Timings to choose the starting and closing time for your store.

  • You can also add a default address and registration number in the given textboxes if desired. When you are done finalizing information for this section, click on the Save button present at the bottom right corner of the section.

  • The next section allows the user to select a default accounting method. The options available are cash and accrual. The user can click on the desired option.

  • The last section contains an option to enable or disable 2FA for the store. When turned on, a code is sent to the default email address every time any store user tries to log in.

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