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PrintNode for Windows
PrintNode for Windows
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Why PrintNode?

PrintNode is a hosted printing service which allows you to print any document in less than 5 seconds for just $5 per store location. As it is a managed cloud printing service, it frees you from the worry of maintaining software or servers. Additionally, all communication is SSL/ TSL encrypted, along with documents downloaded from your own servers, ensuring that the information never leaves your network and that your printing remains secure.

Download PrintNode from the following link

Let's Configure PrintNode

Steps to connect printers with PrintNode are the following:

  1. Go to Integrations—> Printing—> PrintNode.

  2. Generate Credentials by clicking on Generate Credentials button.

  1. Download and Install PrintNode client software on your system by clicking Download PrintNode button or from the following link.

Printer working explained: Epson TM-m30ii USB for Windows

Follow this video to download driver for Epson TM-m30ii

Follow this video for the installation for Epson TM-m30ii drivers on your windows system

After connecting the printer with USB to your system. Check printer connection in the Control Panel --> Device & Printers --> Unspecified Section

Verify printer connection with test print option on the Epson driver settings.

After Installing PrintNode & Drivers, click on Sync Printer.

  1. You will be directed to screen where list of all connected printers would display

  2. When you click on Configure button against a printer, a drawer appears with all the triggers, Check triggers according to your needs and save Printer

After test print is clicked, there will be a printout from the printer.

Click on Submit ticket to auto print ticket thermal receipt from the Ticket view

Thermal Receipt auto print after Submit Ticket is clicked in the Ticket View. Epson TM-m30ii.

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