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Just imagine your whole repair shop has been digitized but you are still providing cash payment as an option to your customers. With the world becoming digitized every day, it can become a huge turn down for them. While RepairDesk offers you to introduce multiple payment options, it also wants to provide you options that save you money and make your life easier. That is why we bring you RepairDesk Payments.

Benefits of RD Payments

RepairDesk Payments is a new feature introduced for the ease of our customers. It allows the shop owners to receive payments from the customers via their credit or debit cards. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with RD Payments integration:

  1. No Extra Setup: RD Payments are easy to integrate as it is our very own module. You would not need to install any other applications or multiple devices to get your work done.

  2. Save Your Time: RD Payments are easy to set up and takes you no more than 3 minutes. You can integrate and start receiving payments without wasting much time.

  3. Easy Settings: As compared to other payment integrations, RD Payments provide you easy and minimal settings. You can perform different actions without switching between multiple screens and feeling overwhelmed.

Integrate RD Payments

Integrating RD Payments would not take much of your time yet will become one of the best decisions you have ever taken. If you are all set to get started with RD Payments, follow the path and the steps given below.

Pro Tip:

Before you start with integration, please ensure you have set your store's location to United States. To do so, go to settings, store and general. Also, log out and log in again to have the change saved.

Path: Integrations > RepairDesk Payments

  1. Once you have found the RepairDesk Payments tile among other integrations, click on the Setup button.

  2. Switch the toggle on the top to enable integration for your repair store.

  3. Enter the API Key provided by BlockChyp along with other details like bearer token, signing key, and terminal name in the provided text boxes.

  4. If your payment terminal is not active or properly set, you would get a connection error upon clicking Test button at the bottom right.

  1. Once your terminal is properly connected and running, click on the Test button at the bottom right to test the terminal.

  2. Now, click on the Save button to save the terminal. You will see the terminal live in the terminals below.

  3. Click on the Advance Configuration tab to open further settings.

  4. Use the given toggles to turn on or off tipping, cash discount, and customer signature. Turning on toggle against any feature will display an option for that particular feature on the payment terminal.

  5. You can use the text box assigned for Terms and Conditions to add all the important points you would like to show on the payment terminal for RD Payments.

  6. You can also enable or disable the option of Pay Now for your customers who want to pay through a link in email.

  7. Use the buttons for Promotional Image, Promotional Video and Slideshow to add the respective media to your terminal.

  8. Click on the Save Settings button at the bottom right corner to save changes done to the settings.

Multiple Terminals

RD Pay allows you to integrate multiple terminals for your ease. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. On the integration page of RD Payments, click on +Add New Terminal button placed at the bottom of the Terminal section.

  2. On the window sliding from right, add the name of the terminal given by BlockChyp and click on the Test button.

  3. Now, click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen to save new terminal.

  4. Once done, you would be able to see this terminal among the payment terminal options when proceeding with RD Pay on your invoices.

Advance Configuration

In order to access further settings, we have created a tab of “Advance Configuration” for you. This tab can be located next to the Terminal tab in the RD Payments Set up for you. From this section, you can manage your Tipping/Gratuity, Cash Discount/Surcharge, and Determine whether you need to make Customer Signatures mandatory on checkout.

Accept Payment from RD Payments

Once you have set up RD Payments, you are all set to accept and process payments from it. Imagine a customer walks in and buy a device from you and would like to pay from RD Payments. There are two types of payments you can accept against a receipt - partial or full payment or pending payment.

Accept Partial Payment

You must know the steps to process the payment. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Make a ticket and add the device you want to sell. Proceed to checkout by clicking on the Checkout button at the bottom right.

  2. You will be presented all the active payment options you have for your repair store. Ensure that the price of the device to be charged is more than 0 to see RepairDesk Pay as a payment option.

  3. Select RepairDesk Pay by clicking on its button and enter the amount you want to charge. The amount must be greater than 0.

  4. The terminal connected with become active asking you to either swipe or insert the card depending on its category. You can see the status of the payment getting updated on your POS as the process goes on the terminal.

  5. Once payment is collected, either proceed to generate invoice or deal your next customer.

Accept Pending Payment

If you have a partial paid receipt, you can receive pending payment against it through RD pay. You have to open the ticket from invoices and follow the steps given below:

  1. Proceed to checkout and select RD Pay like in the previous case. Make sure the amount you enter is not greater than the remaining amount or you would get an error message.

  2. Click to the Proceed to Pay at the bottom. Now, you would see updates on the POS according to the steps taken on the payment terminal.

  3. From the new popup, you can either select from the given buttons of Print Invoice, Print Thermal Receipt, Email Invoice or View Invoice.

Card not Present (CNP) Transactions

Sending Invoice links through Emails

RepairDesk Payments tries to make the hassle of payments easier for their users and their customers. We acknowledge how important time saving for our customer is. Therefore, RepairDesk Payments allows you to email an invoice link to your customer who is not even present at the premises with you.

  1. The first step is to go to integrations and make sure you have RepairDesk Payments enabled. Click the advanced configuration button to make sure you check the “would you like to email invoice with a pay now button”? As shown below.

  2. Once that has been checked. Make sure the settings have been saved by clicking the “save settings” on the bottom right and refresh your page. You should now be able to send an email invoice link through your invoices.

  3. To send an email, just go to the finances section and click on the invoices option. Once you see your invoice, click on the options (three dots).

  4. This would show you the option to email your invoice to your customer who can then fill out their payment details to complete the transaction.

1.1 You can also send an email invoice link with the invoice open. Repair desk enables the users to save time of the hard-working individuals.

1.2 Click open an invoice using the invoice ID.

1.3 With the invoice open you can click the email icon to send the same email and enable your customer to pay virtually.

Sending an invoice link through the POS

Another gateway to use this feature is to send an email after a transaction of a partial transaction. Repair Desk enables this access in case the customer is not carrying any cash on them.

When checking out a customer for a transaction use the steps below

  1. Proceed to check out and use any payment method that is applicable according to your customer.

  2. Click on proceed to invoice and then select email invoice.

  3. The following pop up will be displayed to you.

  4. Make sure you check the Allow customers to pay this invoice via credit card option.

Your customer will receive an email through which they can submit their dues virtually.

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