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Help your customers to avoid waiting at the store for their turn by booking the repair appointment online.

Integration Steps

Here is how you can integrate the Appointments.

1. Click on the Integrations** button placed on the left side of the screen.

2. From the number of integrations opened in front of you, find the Appointments title among all the tiles and click on Set Up.

3. Click on Enable. This will generate a unique URL for you that you can place on your website and any platform so that customers can book appointments in your store.

Pro Tip: You can also redirect traffic from your existing website to this new Appointments URL. The settings depend upon the domain registrar being used. If you are using Cloudflare then follow these instructions. And if you are using GoDaddy then follow these instructions.

1. In the configurations tab, you can specify “Store Address” and “Mail-in Address”

2. In the Time Slots tab, you can configure the store visit timings which is when a customer can book an appointment. 3. In the “Problems” tab you can specify the services that you provide in your store.

Admin Panel

  1. You can view all the appointments by clicking on “Customer” from the side menu and then by clicking on “Appointments”.

  2. Here you can “Reschedule” the appointment. You can “Cancel” it.

  3. Or you can “Covert it to a ticket”.

Customer Side

  1. To test the customer side. Copy the link for “Appointments” and open it in a new window. Here customer can select “Device type” and can enter the device name.

  2. After selecting the device name customer can select problems.

  3. After selecting the problem when the customer will proceed to the next screen. He will see an option one to “visit the store“ and second to “send the device via mail”.

  4. If customers choose to “visit the store“ then appointment timings will be displayed.

  5. From there they can choose the time of their liking and click on next.

  6. Next, they will be presented with a form to enter the basic information

  7. After filing the form clicking on “Book Now” will book their appointment with you.

  8. They can also add the appointment to their calendar.

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