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The task of managing your books and accounting can be a hectic one. Especially if you have to use separate platforms to manage them. It can be time-consuming, tasking and it is much more likely to be susceptible to human error. Due to these barriers, RepairDesk has now given its customers the option to directly connect their RepairDesk account to their Xero account; to handle their inventory and Invoices.

How to setup Xero?

Log in to your RepairDesk account and head over to the integrations section. You can look through all the integrations or just click on the accounting tab to narrow it down.

You can click on set up which would take you to the integration’s configuration or set up page where you will have the ability to connect your Xero account to the RepairDesk account.

Clicking on connect would redirect you to the Xero login page where you can provide your Xero credentials to connect your Xero account to your RepairDesk account.

Note: It is important to have a Xero account, you will not be able to connect without one.

Once you have logged in to your Xero account, you will be connected and have the ability to configure your account.

Configuring your Xero Integration

Once you have your integration connected with RepairDesk you can customize it as you would like to. You can have the data mapped according to the fields we have provided into the dropdown sections.

You will be able to map the accounts from your RepairDesk invoices to Xero directly. Syncing will be based on when an invoice is created with in your RepairDesk account. We have specified the best accounts to use for maximum efficiency for your accounts handling.

Note: Once you select a specific account of Xero and sync it with a RepairDesk account, kindly don't change the type of that account type from Xero account. by changing that data syncing will be disturbed and you can not get the desired outcome.

Accounts Configuration

Following account types should be maintained for the below-listed accounts

Account for Inventory Assets: 1400 - Inventory Asset (Asset)

Account for Purchases: 5000 - Cost of Goods Sold (Cost of goods sold)

Account for Sales Tax: 2200 - Sales Tax ( Current Liability )

Account for Payments: 4000 - Sales (Current assets )

In the case of account for payments, you need to check the following option as shown in the reference image From Xero.

Sales Accounts Configuration:

You can either set up the same Sales Account for Repairs or Buy Back Items or create separate Sales Accounts for each of them

You can configure sales accounts as follows:

Sales Account for Repairs: 4001 - Repairs Sales

Sales Account for Buy Back: 4003 - Buy Back Sales

Note: Please refer to your accounting department's designated accounts. If you cannot find individual sales accounts for repairs or Buy Backs, please create them in Xero. If want to use a single sales account for repairs and trade in, select account '4000 - Sales' for all of these.

Invoice Status:

You can set Invoice Status as either Draft or Approved. If you have set invoice status as Draft then an invoice created in RepairDesk will go to Xero but you would have to approve it later. Only after approval related accounts will be updated.

If Invoice Status is set as

Approved, invoices will directly sync with Xero and relevant accounts will be updated without the need to review them.

Payments Configuration

RepairDesk has also given their users to map their different types of payment methods if they wish to do so. We have provided the user with a map individual payment type trigger to map them

Considering that the trigger is on, then you can map the transactions of different payment methods in RepairDesk to different accounts in Xero. For this you would have to make sure that the accounts have been created in Xero beforehand.

Note: Once you set up payment accounts on Xero kindly do not set the account code with 00 in the start of the account code, if you do so it may cause a syncing issue.

Invoices Syncing

In order to enable our users with the best experience, so that they can easily manage their bookkeeping from a single platform; users can stay up to date with their invoice status for xero with the help of added actions and a Xero status column.

Status Column

You will be able to see a pending status, an in queue status, a completed status and a failed status


You can always manually sync an invoice as well if you wish to do so by clicking on the options button and clicking on sync with Xero.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How many requests can Xero process at a time?

A. Xero can process 60 requests per minute, be it either customer, inventory or invoice request. So if you are syncing a large amount of inventory, customers or invoices, Xero will take time to sync them.

Q. How to sync individual RepairDesk Customers with Xero?

A. You can do so in the following steps:

  1. Go to Customers > All Customers

  2. Open an existing customer and edit it.

  3. Click on the Sync with XERO and select Yes and hit Update.

You can also do this while adding a new customer through adding additional info.

Q. How to export individual inventory items in RepairDesk to Xero?

A. You can sync items in RepairDesk with Xero by:

  1. Go to Items >> Products

  2. Open an item from the Inventory list.

  3. Click on Sync with Xero checkbox and click on Save Item button.

  4. You can also do this while adding a new item and for a repair part and buybacks.

Q. Is the overall discount carried to Xero?

A. No. Overall discount is not carried to Xero. However, line item discount is carried.

Q. Can I edit an invoice in Xero?

A. You can edit an invoice in Xero until there is some due amount. Otherwise, it is not editable.

Q. I've created an invoice on RepairDesk but it hasn't appeared on Xero?

A. Invoices will be updated on Xero after an average time of 2 to 3 minutes. Each invoice will not be updated at once. Rather invoices accumulated will be updated together within the average time.

Q. Item is not appearing on Xero. Why?

A. Item synced with Xero shall appear there. Otherwise it wont. Please make sure that the item is properly synced with Xero, Also make sure that against inventory asset account in configuration you have selected 1400 - Inventory Asset account.

Q. There is a discrepancy between inventory in Xero and RepairDesk then how can I fix it?

A. If Inventory quantity in Xero and RepairDesk is less than one (i.e. zero), then no invoice would be generated in Xero. To create invoice in Xero, it is necessary that inventory quantity for an item should be same in Xero and RepairDesk. If inventory quantity is unequal then user should create a Purchase Order (PO) in RepairDesk and in Xero. Once these PO are received, then inventory quantity would become equal in both Xero and RepairDesk.

Q. How can I sync multiple invoice?

A. To sync multiple invoice, select the invoices which you want to sync, click on Action button and click on Sync with Xero, All selected invoices will be synced with Xero (see attached screenshot).

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