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Commission Report
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Like for any business, your employees form the lifeline of your shop’s operations.

So keeping them motivated to perform better has a direct bearing on your bottom line.

In service-based industries, one of the best ways to incentivize workers is through generous commission payouts.

At RepairDesk, we understand the value that such provisions hold in terms of fostering improved employee morale.

The bulk of repair shop management solutions, however, are not amenable to accounting for these voluntary offerings. Specifically, they make it hard (even next to impossible, on occasion) to record these revenue outflows in any systematic way, so that the figures may reflect accurately in end-of-year statements.

For alleviating this problem for our users, RepairDesk 2.0 comes with a dedicated commission reporting feature on its POS interface.

The Feature Highlights are as follows:

  1. 4 Commission Templates (Service Item, Product, Buyback, Special Order)

  2. Product & Service-Based Commissions

  3. Seamless Integration with Dashboard & Financial Reports

  4. Profit or Revenue-Based Commission Deductions

Service Item*-type commissions, by default, can be tiered for up to 3 service professionals involved in a repair gig - as per store owner discretion. But more employees can be added against the commission amount at the time of checkout.*

For instance, if a cell phone repair assignment entailed the shop workings of a store cashier/device recipient, a specialized repair technician, and an invoice, their individual commissions (based on a set ratio of a total amount - 100% - decided by the store owner) could be rolled out automatically - reflected in the commission report.

How to Enable Commission Reporting

To enable the commission report, simply go to Store Settings and click on the Store tab - then Commission.

Set the toggle to ‘Enabled’.

Choose Commission Deductions Type

Here, you have one of two options:

  1. Profit-based Deduction

  2. Revenue-based Deduction

Slide the toggle underneath to the right to enable commission deductions.

Configure/Set Commission Template

Once you’ve enabled commission deduction, you need to set a commission template for store-wide implementation.

Please note that multiple templates cannot be deployed simultaneously - only one at a time.

Here, you again have one of two options:

  1. Choose a default template

  2. Create a new one

Create a New Template

You can create a new template to customize commission cuts based on your store preferences.

To do this, simply click on the ‘New Commission’ option on the page/box bottom.

This would open a new box with an assortment of selectable options - under the heading ‘New Commission Template’.

Here, you can select the template type from the ‘Use this Template For’ dropdown field above.

This yields 4 options from which you can choose one:

  1. Service Item

  2. Product

  3. Buyback

  4. Special Order

The Service Item category opens three commissions percentage settings fields under the ‘Contribution’ headset by default to account for the amount/ratio set for the worker ‘booking’ the repair job, the worker ‘checking out the invoice’, and the tech ‘working on the repair job’.

As mentioned, the individual percentage should total a hundred percent (representing the total commission amount set for the working cycle by the store owner).

The total commission percentage and the template name need to be entered in their correspondingly labeled fields - as shown:

Click on the ‘Save’ button on the bottom right to deploy the template for commission recording/calculations.

Please Note:

The Contribution field for divided commission allotments is exclusive to the ‘Service Item’ template selection.

For the other three template categories, the said field only shows the ‘Person Checking Out the Invoice (%)’ cut entry option - as indicated:

Post Activation

Once the commission report feature has been enabled, the deductions reporting will show up under the relevant ‘Finance’ and ‘Reports’ tab options.

Accessing the Commission Report

To access the report, simply go to the ‘Reports’ tab on the left-hand screen pane (sixth from the top).

Click on the ‘Commission Report’ option.

The report presents a series of commission-based employee filtering options:

  1. Status: Narrows report pool against historical status label (Paid, Unpaid, Voided)

  2. Employees: To select/narrow list entries in line with worker names

  3. Clear All

  4. Date Range: Specifies Filter/Report Timeframe

  5. Invoice ID Field: Enter Number/Code to See Commissioned Workers List (for a gig)

  6. Unpaid: Only lists unpaid workers (with commissions due)

  7. Void: Only lists workers whose commissions are rejected/held

  8. Pay Now: To pay instant commissions to selected workers

  9. Print (Truncated Option - Prints Shown Report)

Report entries are listed against the following static category entries (also viewable):

  1. Employee Name

  2. Commission Source (rendered against commission template type)

  3. Commission Amount

  4. Status

  5. Sales Amount

  6. Total Cost

  7. Net Profit

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