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Inventory Summary Report
Inventory Summary Report
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Keeping track of your inventory is one of the most crucial tasks. Your inventory must always be maintained well in order for you to never say no to your customers because you ran out of stock. Moreover, having a proper knowledge about your inventory ensures that your business is running fine and can manage to stay away from losses. RepairDesk empowers shop owners to take hold of their store's inventory and manage it well with the help of our POS.

Get Inventory Summary Report

A shop owner using RepairDesk is always secure with his inventory as it is always a click away. To check your inventory summary report, follow the path and the steps below:

Path: Reports > Inventory Reports > Inventory Summary

  1. Choose your desired store from the Select Store dropdown in case you have multiple stores.

  2. Select Criteria dropdown allows you to filter the products on the basis of the IMEI, SKU, ID, category and much more.

  3. Based on the criteria selected, you would get another filter activated below the Select Criteria dropdown. Use this filter to further narrow down your search.

  4. You can download the CSV file by clicking on the CSV button at the top right corner.

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