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Tickets Introduction
Tickets Introduction
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Introducing Ticket Module with customizable device intake form (Customs Form) to fasten up the booking of a ticket so you can serve your customers more efficiently.

You can access the Ticket Module from the side navigation bar.

Let's go through the key features of the RepairDesk Ticket Module.

Ticket Management

Stay on top of the jobs you have booked through highly configurable ticket listings. You can filter tickets by applying filters present on the left side of the listing.

Book Ticket

You can easily create repair tickets for a customer existing in your POS, create a new customer and make a ticket, or create a ticket for a walk-in customer.

Select items from the items module or add any item as a quick item and create the ticket.

History & Notes

History & Notes is a dedicated space for conversation against a ticket.

  1. You can add notes for your team from the "Add Note" option.

  2. You can notify your customer from the "Notify Customer" option.

Associate Asset

You can create a ticket without entering device information but if you wish to enter the details of the customer's device you can do that by associating an asset.

You can Add multiple Assets in a Ticket and manage them separately.

✦ Condition Checklist

Keep a record of the pre-repair condition and post-repair conditions of the device that you booked for repair.

✦ Custom Form

You can configure and manage custom forms against a service category that lets you record the required information that you need from a customer to check in the device.

Accept Payment From Customers

Charge your customer for the work you did on the jobs and for parts and products attached in a ticket by creating the invoice.

You can create multiple invoices against a ticket or you can add multiple tickets to one invoice from POS.

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