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How to create a ticket?
How to create a ticket?
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Watch the video to explore about how to create a ticket.

Where to create tickets from?

You can create tickets from both POS and Manage tickets.

Here is what you will see at POS:

Here is what you will see at Manage Tickets:

Here is what you will see when you will start creating a ticket:

Important: A ticket can only be created if a service category is attached to it. Service categories can be managed from Settings > Module Configuration > Vertical Management.

Adding the customer details to the ticket

  • You will be able to see the following popup after clicking on add customer.

  • Fill in the details for both Contact and Address

  • Click Save.

  • Walk-in customers can also be added through self-check-in or manually as shown below.

How to add an item to your ticket?

  • Click on "Let's Add an Item"

  • Add an item or a service. You can also type anything and add it as a quick item.

Important: An item added as a quick item will not be added to the inventory. It is only restricted to your ticket.

How to manage items/services in a ticket?

  • Add details of either item or service.

  • You can check the history or add notes of the items/products added to the ticket.

  • You can add price, quantity, tax, discount, or warranty to the ticket.

How to manage assets in a ticket?

  • You can add the price and other details for the asset.

  • The due date of the repair can be set along with the task type.

  • Condition checklist lets you keep a record of the condition of the asset.

  • You can additional items, e.g. sim, memory card, battery, charger, etc. to the ticket.

  • You can notify the customer through Email or SMS from the ticket.

  • The customer's signature can also be added to the ticket.

  • Ticket Status can be changed from the ticket.

In order to create a ticket, click on "Submit".

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